The biggest issue is all of your hidden media is accessible in a.

The photo is now hidden from view.

How to disable authentication in the Photos app. This video demonstration is on Apple iOS 16.



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Step 4: The phone will ask you to verify yourself by.

. To Don. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode (on an iPhone with Face ID) or Touch ID & Passcode (on an iPhone with a Home button), then select your options below Allow Access When Locked.

dumb. my problem with the hidden album is you can't access it from other apps.

Make sure the “Show Hidden Album” switch is toggled “On” to enable it.


Read on to see detailed instructions for each step. Step 1: Install Find My iPhone app on a different iPhone or iPad.

Update your iPhone to iOS 16 (iPad to iPadOS 16), if you haven’t already. However, the photo can be easily found by going to Albums.

Here are some steps to guide you: 1.

Steps to lock hidden photos on iPhone/iPad.

Learn how to view Hidden Albums in Photos Without Face ID/Passcode on the iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/Plus.

. . Use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your Hidden album.

. gadget, Instagram, technology, May | 398 views, 8 likes, 1 loves, 1 comments, 1 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Joy 99. 5. You may view your concealed media on the “Hidden album screen. In. May 15, 2023 · While some people need this, you shouldn’t use it if your vision isn’t impaired.

Go to the Settings app, scroll down and tap Photos.

Open the Photos app on your iPhone. Click Erase iPhone and confirm selection when prompted by system message confirming action.

You can’t “lock” the hidden album, or even hide a photo behind a Face or Touch ID, or passcode.


This video demonstration is on Apple iOS 16.

Step 4: Scroll down until you find the ‘Unhide’ option and tap on it.

Untick the box that says Sync Photos and click on Remove.